TuffScreen Heavy Duty Insect Screen

TuffScreen Heavy Duty Insect Screen

Phifer Tuffscreen is a popular heavy duty insect screen. It is a tear resistant screening material that is three times stronger than the regular insect screening. This screen is ideal for use in areas that are exposed to potential damage or heavy wear. Essentially, the screening material is suitable for installation in areas where extra durability and strengths are required. It is very common in modern porch and patio enclosures. It's also used on doors and windows of modern buildings. Additionally, this screen is installed just like other types of insect screening materials. It has a flat surface, equal aperture, a beautiful finish and amazing strength. 


Phifer Tuffscreen has unique properties that make it a preference for many people when it comes to selecting insect screens for their patio, and pool enclosures as well as other screening applications. These are the attributes that make it a heavy duty screening material.

They include:

  • Tear and puncture resistant
  • Excellent durability
  • Ideal for use in high traffic areas
  • Ability to resist damage by wind and flying objects like golf balls and weather
  • Ideal for use in places that need extra protection and strength
  • Ideal for all screening applications

Phifer tuffscreen is vinyl coated polyester. This makes it stronger than the standard insect screening material. When installed properly, this screening material provides the additional benefit of keeping up to 55% of UV rays away. Currently, this screening material is available in black color only. 


Phifer Tuffscreen is easy to install in doors and window screens. It is also great for patio and pool enclosures. This is the right screening material to install if you want to keep pests and other animals away from your enclosure. If you want to keep flying objects like golf balls away, install phifer tuffscreen. In fact, this is among the most advanced screening materials in the current market. However, you should hire experts to install it for you. That's because you need the right tools and skills to install phifer tuffscreen properly. You should also hire experts to rescreen your pool or patio with this material when necessary. That way, you won't have to worry about installation mistakes or injuries. 


If your condo or home is built next to a golf course, phifer tuffscreen is the best screening material for you. That's because its tear resistance property and tensile strength enable it to resist damage by items like a golf ball. It also allows air and light to pass through while keeping bugs away. What's more, this screening material is ideal for keeping animals and pets restricted.

The tensile strength of this screening material enables it to resist damage by the debris that is blown by wind. Additionally, it is actually able to hold up even in extreme weather conditions that include strong winds. Thus, you should use tuffscreen when your structure needs extra strength. This material works great balcony and second story applications where strength matters. 

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