Rescreening of Pool Cages, Patios, Lanais & Screen Rooms

Sarasota, Bradenton, Longboat Key, Venice FL, Casey Key, Siesta Key, and Lakewood Ranch

Rescreening of pool cages, patios, lanais & screen rooms enables homeowners to enjoy and relax outdoors without worrying about rain, sun, or bugs. Pool cages and screen rooms provide a great place for family members, visitors, and pets relaxation. Pool cages keep leaves and bugs out of the pool. In many homes, the patio turns an under-utilized area into an awesome relaxation space. But, these spaces need renovation once in awhile. That's why you may have to enlist our patio and pool screen & rescreening repair service. At Classic Rescreening, we provide rescreening of pool cages, patio lanais, and screen rooms in Sarasota, Bradenton, Longboat Key, Venice FL, Casey Key, Siesta Key, and Lakewood Ranch. 

Custom screen and rescreening repair service 

Our screen repair, rescreening, and screen replacement for pool cages, patios, screen rooms, and lanai is based on the specific needs of every client. Once you enlist our rescreening and screen repair service, our experts will inspect your screens carefully to determine what exactly should be done to repair the structure. We can replace faded, torn, worn out, missing, or tired screen panels on your pool cage, patio, lanai, or screen room. We use custom size screen panels to make the replacement and any material that you select to complete the screening or rescreening job. Nevertheless, we offer professional guidance to enable our clients to make more informed decisions. That means even if you don't know how exactly the rescreening or screen repair job should be done, you don't need to worry.

It's important to note that not all patios, lanais, screen rooms and pool screen & rescreening repair service companies provide the best repairs. As such, you should work with a company that uses quality products and provides an efficient service without compromising quality. Classic Rescreening pays special attention to the quality of the screen and other materials that we use in our repairs. We know that screening materials are not created equal. Our vast experience in the industry and continuous training enables us to select the best materials for our clients. If you want to protect your invest while saving on the cost of screen and rescreening repair, get in touch with Classic Rescreening. 

Rescreening of pool cages 

Screen pool cages add months of leisure time for your family while reducing the effort and time that is required to keep the pool free of insects and leaves. In fact, you can minimize vacuuming and use of chemicals by ensuring that your pool cage is in good condition. Nevertheless, environmental elements, birds, and rodents can damage your screen pool cage. Heat from the sun can also damage your pool cage. But this damage should not ruin the fun. At Classic Rescreening, we provide rescreening for pool cages at reasonable prices. The price that you pay for this service depends on the damage to be repaired or the amount of labor required by the job and the used material. If you need pool care screen or rescreening repair, get in touch with us right away to get a quote. 

Rescreening of patios

Patio screen or rescreening repair is more than a simple home improvement project. It's an addition or improvement to your lifestyle. A new patio screen can be a focal point of your family activities in the future. Nevertheless, regardless of how you look at it, you will enjoy the moments that you will spend in your patio. If you need help with patio screen or rescreening repair, call Classic Rescreening now to discuss your needs. 


Are there damaged screen panels in your lanai? Do you want to restore the beauty of your lanai enclosure? Then enlist our lanai screen & rescreening repair service. We focus on creating a perfect entertainment space for families to hold social activities like barbecue parties while providing our patio, lanai, and pool screen & rescreening repair service. Trust us to deliver the best results once you enlist our lanai screen & rescreening repair service. 

Rescreening of screen rooms 

There are many reasons to build a screen room in your home. However, this structure enables you to enjoy spending quality moments in your outdoor space. If you have a damaged screen room, we can fix it. We use quality materials while providing our screen rooms rescreening service. And, with our quality workmanship, your job is to simply sit back and relax within your refurbished screen room.

Classic Rescreening is a renowned provider of screen and rescreening for pool cages, patios, lanais, and screen rooms. We have earned an unrivalled reputation by delivering a quality screen and rescreening repair service that surpass the expectations of our clients.

Call us now to hire the best patio, lanai, or pool screen & rescreening repair service in Sarasota and the surrounding areas!