Glas-Shield (Florida Glass)

Glas-Shield (Florida Glass)

Glas-Shield screen is also called Florida glass. This screen is made of a fiberglass mess that is laminated with quality vinyl. The process of making this screen creates a special material that is ideal for use in a wide range of outdoor spaces. Florida glass provides privacy while protecting patio, porch, and pool areas from environmental elements. It also has an impressive durability. 

Quality privacy screen 

Florida glass or Glas-Shield is ideal for use in places where privacy is a priority. That's because it has an impressive opacity that resembles that of frosted glass. This screen allows light into an enclosure. However, when people look in from the outside, they can't see through Glas-Shield clearly. This is a crucial property that makes this glass ideal for creating places for unwinding and relaxing without the fear of being exposed.

This Phifer's Florida glass is also used where there are unappealing views that should be hidden. It gently obscures views and keeps them away from the sight and minds of visitors. 


Just like most screens, Florida glass provides protection in enclosures. That's because it helps in keeping yard debris and bugs away. This is an ideal screen to install in your property when you want to keep twigs and leaves away. Nevertheless, the glass takes protection to an entirely different level.

The vinyl lamination in this screen makes it solid. That means it does not have tiny holes that are associated with standard screens. As such, Glas-Shield keeps even debris with small bits like pollen, grass clippings, and dust out of the enclosure.

Additionally, Florida glass is waterproof. This attribute makes it ideal for use in places where rain has to be kept away from blowing in or putting a damper in a sunroom. It can also be used in places where splashes have to be contained inside to protect the landscape around the pool enclosure against pool water that is chemically treated. 


If you have small children or pets in your property, Glas-Shield might be the best screen for you. This screen has an extra durability. That's because it has a unique combination of vinyl lamination and a fiberglass mesh. This makes the screen tougher than most standard screens in the current market. The strength of this screen enables it to withstand scraps and bumps from excited children and active animals. 


Glas-Shield screen is used in patio enclosures, pool enclosures, and sunrooms. Essentially, this screen can be used in virtually any structure that needs a screen enclosure. You can use it alone or in combination with other screening materials. Florida glass is designed for use in most vertical applications. However, it can be used in panels that are beneath chair rails where it forms a half wall. Nevertheless, it is used in entire walls where more privacy is required. Although this screen is waterproof, it is not ideal for use in horizontal applications. That's why it's not used in roof and skylight.

But, Glas-Shield screen will transform your entire outdoor space when installed and maintained properly.  

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