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Pool Enclosures - ReScreen & Screen Service

Pool enclosures & screen enclosures provide a great outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining guests. Properly maintained enclosures create beautiful outdoors. They keep debris and pests away while preventing harsh UV rays from breaking up parties. However, there are times when the screens in these enclosures need repair. In some cases, you might even need a complete rescreening. At Classic Rescreening, we provide the best screen rooms, patios, porches and pool screen and rescreening repair service. Our goal is to ensure that our clients have amazing enclosures all the time. It doesn't matter how small or large your pool or screen room enclosure is. Our team has the skills, experience, tools, and materials to screen or rescreen it. 

Comprehensive pool enclosures & screen enclosures service 

We specialize in patio screen enclosures, pool screen enclosures, screen rooms, and porch screen enclosures. Our screen enclosure repair services are available in Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, Longboat Key, Casey Key, Siesta Key, and Venice FL. Whether you have a screen room, patio, or pool that needs screening or rescreening, call us now and we will do the job. Even if you just decided to add a pool enclosure and you want to know how much the project will cost, call us to get a quote. We have been in this business for many years and we know what will work best for you.

In addition to having the best prices in the region, we are the leading experts. Our team will take you through the process of screening or rescreening step by step. We will also provide information about pool enclosures and screen enclosures to help you make a more informed decision. Our design consultant will help you in selecting the right screen enclosure on the basis of the architecture of your home. Our objective is to ensure that every client enlists our screening or rescreening service on the basis of their understanding of the service, the involved process, and the cost. 

Quality pool screen and rescreening repair service

Pool screen enclosures provide the best way of protecting your family from heath, sun, and outdoor critters. It also enables you to avoid endless cleaning. We install and repair screen enclosures that enhance the elegance of your pool space while reducing the effort and time that you need to remove insects and leaves from your pool. Additionally, we install pool enclosures that enable our clients to minimize vacuuming and use of pool chemicals. These benefits alone should prompt you to enlist our pool screen or rescreening service.

What's more, a pool enclosure adds value to your home. That means building this structure is a great investment that is bound to pay off in various fronts. At Classic Rescreening, we screen or rescreen pools on the basis of the needs of our clients. We also install customized pool enclosures for our clients in Sarasota and the surrounding areas at the most reasonable prices.  

Best screen room enclosures service 

Screen rooms serve as extensions of homes. When creating a screen room, you can create a completely acclimatized area, build an extra room on a home then enclose it, or enclose a patio and make it your screen room. At Classic Rescreening, we can help you accomplish your dream of having a screen sunroom in your home. Regardless of the situation of your property, we will help you enjoy beautiful outdoors views without disturbances from insects or heat from the sun. If you have a damaged screen enclosure that needs rescreening, just give us a call. We will fix it and make the space look and feel like new. 

Schedule your pool enclosures & screen enclosures service now 

Perhaps, you have an old, worn out pool enclosure installed in your property already. Maybe you bought a home with a dilapidated screen enclosure. However, you may have noticed that the surrounding homes have beautiful, well-maintained screen enclosures. In fact, you may have visited your neighbors and enjoyed the moments that you spent under their pool enclosures or screen enclosures. So, why have fun from your neighbors' compounds when you can have it all right in your home?

Having a quality screen enclosure around your pool, patio, or porch means you can have fun throughout the year. That's because you don't have to worry about disturbances by insects, heat, stormy weather, or wild animals. These are basically the major factors that take enjoyment of an outdoor space or swimming pool away. With our pool enclosure and screen enclosure services, you can have all the fun in your compound throughout the year.

Call us to schedule your patio, screen room, porch, or pool screen and rescreening repair service today!