18x14 Fiberglass Pool and Patio Insect Screening

18x14 Fiberglass Pool and Patio Insect Screening

This is the traditional screening choice for pool and patio enclosures. It is designed for applications that require extra strength. Essentially, this screening material is suitable for outdoor structures like screen rooms and patios. It has a sturdy mesh. This charcoal colored screening material is durable and it has a better ability to resist weather damage. It provides good insect protection and ventilation.

The fiberglass is woven with precision to enhance flexibility, durability, and overall curb appeal. It is ideal for use in large openings that include patio and pool enclosures. Its sturdy construction enables it to withstand salty water and all climates. 18x14 fiberglass screening is actually stronger than the ordinary insect screening. 

Why use 18x14 fiberglass pool and patio insect screening? 

Fiberglass is currently the most common screen type that is used for patios, pools, and porches. That's because it is an inexpensive mesh that provides great visibility due to its minimal sunlight glare. Essentially, a fiberglass screen does not crease like a metal screening. It's also more flexible.

This property makes working with fiberglass very easy. However, the main drawbacks of fiberglass are that it tears and stretches easier than other types of screening. Fiberglass screening is commonly available in silver gray, black, and charcoal colors. Black fiberglass screening produces a minimal glare. 

Suitable for insect screening 

Just like the name suggests, this fiberglass is ideal for insect screening. Standard screening for insects is made from a material with woven strands. The mesh size or weave tightness is usually measured in terms of strands' number per inch. 18x 16 is the standard mesh. This implies that the material has 18 strands in every inch in a one of its directions and 16 strands in the other direction.

18x14 fiberglass insect screening has an 18x 14 mesh. This implies that the strands are slightly heavier. As such, this screening material has the ability to hold up better when you stretch it over a large area. It is therefore ideal for you if you live in a place with tiny insects. That's because it provides better protection against no-see-ums or teensy pests.

Essentially, 18x14 fiberglass pool and patio insect screening provide extra protection against small insects. It is also strong and it reduces entry of the debris that is blown by wind. What's more, this insect screening material is made of a glass yearn. It is also coated with highly protective vinyl. These attributes give it flexibility as well as a lasting color and beauty. 

Install 18x14 fiberglass pool and patio insect screening 

This is a durable screening material that is specifically designed for large areas that include screened-in patios, porches, and pool enclosures. The coating of this screening material enables it to maintain its physical properties even when exposed to extreme temperatures. It is relatively easy to install when compared to other screening materials and it enables you to enjoy a great atmosphere once you install it over your patio or pool for many years.

Nevertheless, you should hire experts to install this material over your structure. That's because you need the right tools, materials, and skills to install 18x14 fiberglass pool and patio insect screening material properly. 

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