Phifer SunScreen

Phifer SunScreen

Phifer SunScreen is a screening material that is made with a primary purpose of minimizing solar heat during summer and loss of interior heat during winter or cold weather. This screening material has the ability to absorb and dissipate heat, glare, and UV rays by up to 70%. What's more, it keeps most insects away. The shading is easy to install on windows and enclosures of different sizes.

Essentially, Phifer SunScreen is the best screening material to install on your enclosure when you want to control heating with ease. It enables you to keep your spaces cooler thereby reducing energy expenses. It also enables you to prevent furniture and carpet fading by keeping UV rays away. Most importantly, this shading provides great daytime privacy. And, it protects you from annoying insects just like the conventional fiberglass screen. The outward visibility of this screening material is also amazing. 


Phifer SunScreen is used on patio enclosures, pool enclosures, and windows. Its installation on windows of different types and sizes is also easy. Phifer SunScreen performs well when used for insect screening. And, since it is installed from the outside, it works both when windows are closed and open. Its sufficiently tight weave enables it to keep even tiny insects away. However, the weave is adequately open to allow proper flow of cool breezes.

Why install Phifer Sunscreen?

Among the major reasons to install this screening on your property include:

  • It minimizes heat loss during winter
  • It minimizes heat gain during summer
  • It blocks the sun without interfering with the view
  • It keeps insects away while allowing a cool breeze to get in
  • It helps with energy conservation
  • It creates an awesome outward visibility
  • It filters light
  • It reduces fading
  • It provides uniformity in a building's exterior

Phifer SunScreen is made of quality vinyl-coated fiberglass yard. Its ribbed weave has a unique design that enables it to block glare and heat from the sun. This quality enables it reduce the monthly air conditioning expenses in properties where it is installed. It also enables it to prevent carpet and furniture fading. Phifer SunScreen is ideal for use in places where patios, sliding windows and doors, as well as decks are exposed to sun. 

Ultimate solar protection 

Perhaps, this is the major reason to install this screening. Phifer SunScreen provides ultimate protection from the sun due to its ability to block sun's heat and rays. Essentially, this screening material provides year-round comfort as well as heating and cooling economy when installed properly. It reduces cooling costs and load on air conditioning units. It also protects against sun rot and fading. What's more, it provides privacy during the day. 


To get maximum returns from your investment in Phifer SunScreen, hire experts to install it for you. That's because experts know how this material should be installed to serve its purpose effectively. Similarly, let experts rescreen your enclosure or property with this material. Even more, seek professional guidance when unsure whether Phifer SunScreen is the ideal screening material for you. 

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