NO-SEE-UMS (20x20 Mesh) Insect Screen

NO-SEE-UMS (20x20 Mesh) Insect Screen

No-See-Ums fiberglass is also called a 20x20 mesh. This screen provides amazing protection against sand flies, gnats and other small insects that are common in coastal and low marshy areas. The effectiveness of this screen in keeping mosquitoes away has made it popular in places where tiny insects are prevalent. 

Why No-See-Um screen is popular 

No-See-Um screen comes with a super fine mesh that provides ultimate protection against pesky insects. What's more, this screen is not affected by age and sun exposure. For this reason, many people are replacing the screens on their pools, porches, and patio enclosures with no-see-um screens. That way, they continue to maintain amazing views without worrying about tiny bites by insects. Actually, this screen is the only long life material that keeps even the smallest insects away while still allowing a complete, clear view.  

Keep invisible insects away 

Everybody has felt like something invisible is biting them but they can't see it. This is a common problem for people that live in different parts of the world. This is basically an attack by no-see-ums. No-See-Ums are tiny gnat-like insects or creatures that are not possible to see with the naked human eyes. In most places, these creatures come out during the cold months or weather. But, the worst thing about them is that they leave itchy spots whenever they bite. The best and easiest way to protect yourself from these creatures is to install a no-see-um screen in your structures.

Perhaps, you have been wondering how you can stop no-see-ums. These insects live outdoors and they usually show up in large clusters and disappear after some time. Unfortunately, these insects are not possible to block with ordinary screens. That's why they enter even the traditionally screened patios and porches. In fact, no-see-ums go through the traditional screens without much effort. That means to beat these insects you must know exactly how they act. 

Properties of No-See-Ums 

No-See-Um screens have unique properties that make them ideal for keeping tiny insects away.

These include:

  • They are tightly woven to keep no-see-ums, midges, and gnats away
  • They are highly durable, making them ideal for use in pool cages, porch and patio enclosures

The finer mesh of this screen enables it to provide good visibility and ventilation while providing daytime privacy. No-See-Um screens are made with internal mitered corners and aluminum frames. The available color choices for this screen are mainly silver gray and charcoal in their tiny mesh. Their frames are available in five main colors. These are silver, white, champagne, tan, and bronze. Nevertheless, the screen comes with a vast selection of attachment hardware. 

No-See-Um screen installation 

If you want to install a screen that will serve like a mosquito net in your structure, No-See-Um screen is the best option for you. This screen comes with a micro mesh fabric that keeps even the tiniest critters away. It can be used in screen doors, windows, and porches among other applications. What's more, this screen is very easy to install. That's because you just need a place to install it and a tool for rolling in the spline to ensure that it is tightly held inside the window or doorway. No-See-Um screen is also lightweight. That means you can't easily damage the frame while installing it. 

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