PetScreen Pet Resistant Screen

PetScreen Pet Resistant Screen

Phifer Petscreen or pet-resistant screen is a puncture and tear resistant screen. This property protects this screen from damage by cats and dogs. It is the most ideal material for screening high traffic areas. If your enclosure has been scratched or clawed by pets, this is the most ideal screening material for you.

Stronger screen

To ensure ultimate protection against animal abuse, Phifer pet screens are made in a way that makes them seven times tougher or stronger than the ordinary insect screens. They come with a strong vinyl coating which enables them to resist damage from scratching or clawing by cats and dogs. It also enables them to provide excellent protection against insects' damage while maintaining a great outward visibility.

Basically, pet-resistant screens are heavy-duty fiberglass and tough screen materials for use in patios, doors, and window applications. Originally, these screens were used as luggage containers before they proved to be great solutions to clawing and scratching by pets when used on porch, patios, and pool enclosures. Today, petscreens or pet resistant screens are used to prevent pet damage on a wide range of enclosures. 


Phifer Petscreen requires skills and experience to install. That's because they work best when installed with a quality screen roller. Essentially, this screen is not easy to roll when compared to ordinary screens fabric.

The most important thing to consider with this screen is the fact that rolling it in an old spline that is taken from an old patio screen is not possible. That's because Phifer Petscreen is thick. And, the thickness of this pet screen implies that a screen spline that is relatively smaller has to be used to roll it into a spline channel.

Poking a pet screen into a channel using a screwdriver blade is basically not a simple task. It's even better to clamp a screen cloth around a frame with spring clamp then pre-roll one of its edges into a channel before you roll the spline in. Generally, installing a Phifer Petscreen entails tasks that require skills and special tools to do the job right. 


Pet resistant screen is used in window screens, screened porches and patios, siding screen doors, and other structures that need screening. This screening material is ideal for cat and dog owners. It is also suitable for areas with high damage potential and high traffic areas. It comes in different sizes and it requires specialized accessories and tools to install. 

Why install Phifer Petscreen?

If you have been replacing screens frequently due to damage by household pets, this screen is the ultimate solution for you. It is a heavy duty screen that won't be damaged by pet tears. This is the most ideal screen to install if you want to protect your structures against pushing children and clawing pets.

Phifer Petscreen is available in different sizes. Different structures have varying requirements that should be considered when purchasing Phifer Petscreen. That's why you should talk to screening experts once you decide to purchase and install Phifer Petscreen in your structures. 

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