Screen & Rescreen Repair

Sarasota, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, Longboat Key, Siesta Key, Casey Key, and Venice FL 

If you have enjoyed relaxing under your pool screen enclosure for five or more years, you might notice that the screen stitching are coming apart or the screen is sagging. This can be a real eyesore and it can even hinder you from inviting relatives and friends to your lanai or pool enclosure. Fortunately, you don't have to limit your enjoyment because of a deteriorating pool screen. With our pool screen & rescreening repair service, you can have your pool enclosure look brand new. What's more, we will repair your screen or rescreen the enclosure within a day. So, why let a deteriorating screen ruin the fun? 

Why you should maintain a stunning pool screen enclosure

A pool screen enclosure creates an additional relaxation and leisure space around your in-ground or above-ground home pool. It also acts as a protection and safety device that keeps people out of your pool when nobody is around to provide supervision. A pool screen enclosure enables you to enjoy swimming throughout the year at an economical price. That's why it's a good idea to keep your pool screen enclosure in proper condition. At Classic Rescreening, we provide comprehensive pool screen repair services in Sarasota, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, Longboat Key, Siesta Key, Casey Key, and Venice FL

Our pool screen & rescreening repair service

There are many causes of pool screen damage. These are the reasons you may have your pool screen repaired. Birds like ducks that sit on the pool screen enclosure can cause corrosion with their waste. Pests like squirrels can damage the enclosure by gnawing through the wood fascia or screen material. Hurricanes, storms, hail, and thunderstorms can also damage the entire structure. They can also cause dents or holes on the structures. Mold on casing and fixtures can also cause corrosion on the metal parts or damage the wood fascia.

Weather conditions like extreme temperatures can also degrade the enclosure. Extreme weather causes damage that includes faded paint, dry rot, and warping. Pests and people can also damage a pool screen enclosure through accidental corrosion and splashing water. Basically, these are the major reasons to hire our pool screen & rescreening repair service. If the screen enclosure of your pool has any of these problems, don't hesitate to get help from Classic Rescreening. 

Full screen and rescreening repair service 

Whether it's just part of your pool screen enclosure that has been damaged or you need complete rescreening, we are the right fit for the job. We have invested in the right tool and equipment for this job. We provide a service that covers every need of our clients. We can remove the spline or the rubber threading that put the screen in place. We can also remove the old screen and fix a new one. We replace every damaged screen panel with new, quality screen. Additionally, we check the cage to ensure that it is securely fastened to the concrete slab. If necessary, we install screen door hardware as well as the bug sweeps.

Perhaps, the most important thing to determine is whether you can replace the damaged screen panel and get away with it or you should replace all screens. If your pool screen enclosure has minor tears or rips in a few screen panels, you may replace the damaged panels only. However, if you notice unravel stitching or sagging screens, it is wise to rescreen completely. That's because it's most likely a matter of time before the other screen panels depict the same problem. Essentially, you should have our experts inspect your pool screen enclosure to determine the most appropriate action to take. At Classic Rescreening, we are ready for any screening or rescreening job.

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