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Pool Screen and Rescreening Repair Service - Sarasota

Classic Rescreening provides professional pool rescreening repair service in Sarasota. We know the importance of a livable and properly functioning outdoor space. Therefore, every time you contact us seeking help with damaged pool screens repair, window screen repair or even porch screen repair, we respond promptly and do the job right during our first visit.

We specialize in different screen repairs and rescreening in Sarasota. We replace and repair screen doors, patio enclosures, and window screens. Our team has been providing professional screen repair and rescreening services in Sarasota for years. That means we know the most prevalent problems of pool cages, lanais, patios, and condo screens in this area. Contact us any time to get a free estimate or to schedule your screen repair.e...

Why enlist our pool rescreening repair service in Sarasota  

If your Sarasota home has an enclosed pool, it's important to ensure its proper maintenance and prompt repairs when necessary. Proper pool enclosure maintenance and repair will enable you to enjoy its numerous benefits for years.

These include

  • Provision of a barrier that protects you against pests like mosquitoes
  • Creation of a shade that protects you from the effects of UV rays from the sun
  • Extension of the life of your pool equipment
  • Protection against environmental elements
  • Increased value of your home and creation of a usable outdoor space
  • Maintenance of a perfect outdoor space for entertaining friends and family

However, if your pool enclosure or screen has been damaged, you may not enjoy these benefits depending on the level of the damage. What's more, if you ignore the damage, you will most likely incur more expenses in repair and further headache. That's why you should contact Classic Rescreening the moment you detect a problem in your pool enclosure or screen regardless of how small or big it is. If you contact us before your pool enclosure or screen requires complete replacement, you will minimize the repair costs. 

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At Classic Rescreening, we have repaired many pool enclosures and screens for years. We specialize in pool rescreening, patios, porches, and lanais repair. We fix everything including single panels and full enclosures that need repair. That means regardless of the size of your rescreening job or its nature, our team will do it. By the time we leave your home, your pool enclosure will be working perfectly.

If you have a pool cage that needs rescreening or screen repair, don't hesitate to contact us. We provide an excellent customer service because our goal is to ensure ultimate satisfaction of every client. With Classic Rescreening your happiness is guaranteed from the moment we start working on your damaged pool cage to the end.

What's more, our technicians will answer your questions satisfactorily before they start the screen repair or rescreening job. Our team is knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly. Rest assured that your job will be done the right way during our first visit.

Contact Classic Rescreening now to schedule your pool rescreening repair service in Sarasota and start enjoying your outdoors again!