Lakewood Ranch Pool Cage Rescreening and Restoration

Quality Lakewood Ranch Pool Cage Rescreening and Restoration


When it comes to pool cage rescreening and repair, leave the job to experts. Classic Rescreening is a team of professionally trained experts that have been in the industry for years. We provide superior Lakewood Ranch pool cage rescreening and restoration. Our experienced technicians are highly knowledgeable and they pay attention to even the most minor details while rescreening pool enclosures.

Once you hire us to rescreen your pool cage, be certain that you will receive a service that's beyond your expectations. No matter how complex your pool enclosure rescreening job seems, be confident that you will get excellent results once you engage our service.

Our team will gladly repair or replace the screen on the doors or windows and ensure your ultimate satisfaction. Even if you have a large pool cage that needs full restoration, we guarantee you an excellent service. Our competitive pricing and high standards have earned us repeat customers that recommend us to friends and colleagues. In fact, most of our new customers come from referrals.

Lakewood Ranch Pool Cage Rescreening that Saves You Money


Compared to pool cage replacement, our pool cage rescreening will save you money. That's because you won't buy all materials required to erect a pool cage. What's more, we can rescreen, repaint and pressure wash the cage as well as the aluminum in it. We can also replace the old or damaged doors of the pool cage to give it a completely new appearance.

Our professionals will take a closer look at your pool cage to determine if aluminum replacement is necessary. They will also check the construction to determine whether it needs changes. Be sure that you will get a complete makeover of your pool cage if necessary. And, we handle even the largest pool enclosures including 10 stories.

Give Your Home a Complete Makeover

If you are renovating your home, the remodel project won't be complete without pool cage rescreening and restoration. Our team knows the importance of having a nice looking pool cage in your property. We can change the color of your pool cage, replace the spline and screen. We can also change the hardware and doors if they are old and worn out.

There is no reason to live with dirty and faded screens or aluminum. Let us replace the sagging and worn screen to give your pool enclosure a completely new look. So, if you are renovating your house, remember the pool cage and let experts work on it.

Call Us to Get Free Pool Cage Rescreening Estimate Now!

We can offer you a free estimate virtually or in person. Simply fill out the form on our website or schedule your pool cage assessment with us to get a free estimate. If unsure of what should be done to your pool cage, our technicians will be glad to come over and inspect your enclosure. Thus, we can give you an estimate after assessing your pool cage to determine what should be done. We promise you 100% satisfaction with our service. Our team is reliable, trustworthy, time conscious and fully insured.

Call us now to schedule Lakewood Ranch pool cage rescreening with the best industry experts!

Enclosure Rescreen

Whether it's a pool "cage" enclosure or a screened porch or patio, our services include everything you need to ensure a good job. We remove each piece of old screening and "spline" - spline is the rubber threading that holds the screen in. Every individual screen panel is replaced with new . We also check to ensure the "cage" is securely fastened to your concrete slab. We will install new screen door hardware and bug sweeps. We take pride in the fact that 99% of our pool enclosure projects are finished within one day.

Individual Panel Rescreening - If you only need a few panels rescreened, no problem! At Classic Rescreening, no job is too small for us.

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