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Pool Screen Repair- What You Should Know

Pool screen repair becomes necessary at some point even for pool enclosures that are cleaned and maintained properly. The screen on your swimming pool cage ages with time. It becomes weak and eventually tearing starts. This necessitates repair or replacement of the pool screen.

Sometimes, a dog can damage the pool enclosure while attempting to get outside the cage. A stray object like a ball can hit the cage and damage some of your pool screen panels. But, regardless of the nature of the pool screen damage, it can be fixed by the right experts. 

'Pull out' screen  

A pool screen panel can look like it has pulled out of the aluminum groove thereby necessitating repair. Actually, what causes this problem is a tearing of the screen from an aluminum member. This places the screen a full millimeter away. Pool screen panels that have pulled out require replacement.

Tearing of pool screens is another common problem. Usually, this indicates that the pool screen has reached its full life expectancy. Flexing of the aluminum beams or wind causes tears. Nevertheless, when a pool screen is in proper condition, it has adequate strength to resist the tear that aluminum beams' flex and wind causes.

However, as the screen ages, it becomes substantially weaker. This weakness causes these forces to tear it easily. So, if your pool screen enclosure is depicting these signs, it's reasonable that you talk to experts about it right away. 

Pool screen panel replacement 

If one or two screen panels in your swimming pool screen enclosure are damaged, it is wise that you enlist a professional pool screen repair service right away. That's because the panels can be replaced professionally to enhance the functionality and life of your entire pool enclosure. Remember that aluminum beams flex can tear the aged screens of your enclosure. When one screen panel is not in proper condition, the beams can flex and cause tear on the other panels that are close to the damaged panel. That means the damage will escalate further over time.

What's more, if the damaged screen panel is not replaced properly, incidental damage can occur on screen panels that are in proper condition. The life expectancy of your entire structure can also suffer negatively if the damaged screen panel is not replaced properly. That's why you should make sure that only experienced pool screen experts do the repairs. 

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Although you might be tempted to repair your damaged pool screen enclosure without professional assistance, don't do it. That's because you don't have the necessary tools, equipment, or experience that is required for this job. For instance, you may not have sufficiently tall ladders to replace high panels. And, you may not have an insurance cover. That means if you hurt yourself while trying to do the repairs, you will pay the medical bills out of your pocket. Therefore, to ensure your safety and that of your structure as well as quality results from the repair, let the right experts do the repairs.

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