Pool Rescreening Repair Service Longboat Key

Pool Rescreening Repair Service Longboat Key

A worn out or broken pool enclosure can put a damper on your overall outdoor experience. Ripped or cracked screens can allow unwanted pests and elements to get into your pool enclosure. That means your enclosure will no longer be serving the purpose for which you installed it. Classic Rescreening provides a professional pool rescreening repair service in Longboat Key. We specialize in quality installation and repair of pool enclosures. Whether you have a single screen panel that needs repair or extensive repair of your enclosure, our skilled and experienced technicians will get the job done within your schedule. 

Experienced technicians 

The goal of Classic Rescreening is to ensure that we always provide quality pool rescreening repair service in Longboat Key and ensure ultimate satisfaction of our clients. To achieve, we have employed highly trained, talented, and experienced technicians. Our team is courteous and professional. Trust us to deliver a highly professional service with a personal touch. What's more, we provide warranty for our pool rescreening repairs.

At Classic Rescreening, we pride ourselves with the ability to provide quality experience to our customers. Our clients in Longboat Key know us for excellent customer service and professionalism. In fact, many of our businesses come through referrals. This indicates our determination to ensure ultimate satisfaction of our clients.

If you need professional and experienced technicians to repair your damaged pool enclosure, get in touch with Classic Rescreening now. We will be glad to handle your pool rescreening repair in Longboat in a timely and professional manner. 

Our services 

We repair different types of pool screen enclosures. We provide a quality pool rescreening repair service in Longboat Key at very competitive rates.

Our service entails:

  • Single screen panel repair
  • Screen door hardware repair
  • Rusty hinges and screws replacement
  • Installation of stainless steel screws
  • Full rescreening
  • Pool enclosure screen restoration
  • Pool enclosure painting

We want to help you enjoy your poolside and Longboat Key weather without distractions from insects and environmental elements. What's more, our pool rescreening repair service in Longboat Key will improve the look of your living space while enhancing the value of your property. With our service, your pool cage is guaranteed to last longer. 

Benefits of our pool rescreening repair service 

There are numerous benefits that come with our pool screen repair and rescreening service. For instance, we repair your pool enclosure so that it can continue to serve as a barrier that protects kids from accessing your pool area. We also fix the damages so that your pool cage can keep insects, bugs, and wandering reptiles away. Additionally, we ensure that the enclosure prevents rain water from getting into your pool. A properly functioning pool enclosure provides shelter from UV rays from the sun, cold, and wind.

Our pool rescreening repair will also enhance the style of your home. It will make your outdoors more appealing for family enjoyment. In addition, repairing your pool enclosure will reduce effort, time, and the cost of maintaining the pool. With a properly functioning pool enclosure, you can use the pool at night and during the day, throughout the year. Clearly, there are many reasons to enlist our pool rescreening or screen repair service in Longboat Key.

If you have a damaged pool cage, call us now to hire the best pool rescreening repair service in Longboat Key! 

Enclosure Rescreen

Whether it's a pool "cage" enclosure or a screened porch or patio, our services include everything you need to ensure a good job. We remove each piece of old screening and "spline" - spline is the rubber threading that holds the screen in. Every individual screen panel is replaced with new . We also check to ensure the "cage" is securely fastened to your concrete slab. We will install new screen door hardware and bug sweeps. We take pride in the fact that 99% of our pool enclosure projects are finished within one day.

Individual Panel Rescreening - If you only need a few panels rescreened, no problem! At Classic Rescreening, no job is too small for us.

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