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If you just bought a home, you may realize that you need a Casey Key pool cage rescreening service. In some cases, the screen mesh on the pool enclosure keeps falling or tearing after a few years. This can prompt you to think about the lifespan of the screen mesh. And you are not the only one concerned about the screen mesh lifespan.

Many homeowners have been bothered by this thought after realizing that they need to rescreen their pool cages more often. There are cases where pool cages need rescreening after every 3 years. Well, how long the screen mesh lasts depends on factors like the chosen screen and how it is installed. 

Standard Grade Screen Meshes Do Not Last 

The major reason why some pool cages need rescreening soon after construction is because they are screened with standard grade meshes that are not designed to last. This may sound incorrect at first. That's because you might wonder why a company would make low quality products if it wants to stay in business longer. But, bear in mind the fact that some providers of pool cage rescreening services in Casey Key focus on keeping the costs of their job low.

Some general contractors or developers know that you have many things going on in your mind when purchasing a new home. For instance, details like tiles and granite counters will catch your eyes more than the screen mesh type on your pool enclosure. As such, contractors can skimp on the pool cage screen and use a low grade product. 

Replace Low Grade Screen with Casey Key Pool Cage Rescreening

Classic Rescreening wants you to enjoy spending quality moments in your pool space longer without incurring frequent rescreening costs. Once you engage our pool cage rescreening service in Casey Key, we replace the standard, low grade screen mesh with quality screen. In most new homes, pool cages have the artisan mesh. This is a low grade fiberglass mesh that is designed to last for about 3 years. Most contractors use it because it is cheap. However, if you rescreen your pool cage with the same type of screen, you will have to rescreen after another 3 years and the cycle continues.

Classic Rescreening uses a stronger screen that provides durability and stability that property owners look for. We provide our pool enclosure rescreening service with an aim of offering a lasting solution. The screens that we install on pool cages provide extra comfort and longevity. They include phifer, no se ums, and PetScreen pet resistant screen among others. 

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Not all pool screen enclosures or pool cages require rescreening after every 3 years. But if you have enjoyed comfort in your pool cage for over 10 years, you might realize that it needs rescreening. Although you may be tempted to replace a few panels, bear in mind that you might end up spending more than you would on complete pool cage rescreening.

Classic Rescreening has experienced pool cage screening and rescreening experts that will help you decide on the best approach to take. We will also explain the available screen options to you so that you can make an informed decision.

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